Welcome & Thank You

Upon processing the Marketing Form you submitted.

BizSenze will begin the process of developing a Marketing Plan for your business. 

Step 1.

BizSenze will send you an invoice for the StartUp Fee

Step 2.

BizSenze will create a google phone number based on your area code.

Reason for a local Area Code:

  • People prefer dealing with local businesses.
  • Enables BizSenze to receive and schedule bookings for you.
  • On calls received BizSenze will forward and email you the number.
  • Enables BizSenze to track and monitor all of the marketing campaigns

Step 3.

BizSenze will order, design and mail postcards to the zip code you chose.

Postcard Review

  • Prior to mailing, a mockup of the postcard will be sent for your review.

Step 4.

BizSenze will create and maintain a website for your business. 

Website Review

Step 5.

BizSenze will create and maintain your Craigslist Ad.

Craigslist Ad

  • If you do not have a Craigslist Ad BizSenze will create one for you.
  • If you do have a Craigslist Ad BizSenze will maintain it for you.