The Purpose:

The goal is generate enough business on the initial marketing campaign that it pays for itself.

BizSenze is committed to becoming your marketing consultant on a regular monthly basis.

The Solution:

Design a marketing plan that generates new business within the first month. 

Charge the least amount necessary to implement the plan.

Offer BizSenze's service free for the first month.  

  1. This marketing plan is a Postcard mailer.
  2. Based on estimates: 5 - 50 leads should be generated.
  3. Revenues should exceed costs of marketing plan.
  4. Evaluate the success of the Postcard Campaign.
  5. Use revenue gained to continue marketing into the next month.
  6. Consider implementing new marketing ideas to increase business income.

The Risks:

The initial cost of the Postcard Mailings.   

How to get started


Yes lets get started NOW

I'm curious please contact me and let's see what you can do for me


Not so fast 

Just place me on your subscriber list and notify me of any thing new