Marketing is the fastest way to build your business

Hi, I am Steve and I'd like to be your VP of Marketing

We both know that customers do not grow on trees and that the best customers do not come from websites collecting visitor information and re-selling it to you and three others.

Marketing is not Rocket Science

In fact You are your best marketing assest.  How you treat your customers and the attention to detail that you give on each and every job is why people refer you. 

3 Prong Approach to Marketing

At BizSenze marketing is kept simple.  I take a 3 prong approach to marketing.  

  1. Website:  Your base from which to operate.
  2. Postcards:  Best way to attract new customers.
  3. Monitor:  Let the data speak to you.

BizSenze was created for the purpose of bringing marketing to the local small business owner. 

That is why BizSenze is as much a consulting firm as a marketing company. Only by knowing your objectives can we work together and orchestrate a plan to reach your goals. 

Steve Long  - Marketing Consultant


Your website is your window to the world.  It is where visitors can find you, learn about you, and evaluate the work you do.  


Postcards are the easiest and most productive means to reach new clients. 

Having a website to direct them too gives you another swing of the bat to connect with new customers.


Monitoring is a way of keeping score. If you are not scoring you are not winning. 

Let the data talk to you.  It will tell you who your target audience is.  What neighborhoods appreciate your services.  And what projects are most profitable.

Discover the BizSenze Difference

Imagine not being distracted during the day with phone calls, knowing that your business is growing and potential customers are being handled in a friendly and professional manner.

Design & Development

BizSenze does all the design and implementaton for you.

Realistically you probably do not have the time, nor desire to be involved with the nitty gritty of designing and maintaining a website.

Strategy & Research

All decisions are data driven.  This means monitoring and tracking what works and what doesn't.  What neighborhoods are the most fertile for you. What are your highest margin projects.  

Equipped with the proper data, decisions can be made intellectually.

Marketing & Timing

The success of your business will rise and fall with marketing.  Who, where and how you target your audience is the key to success.

BizSenze works with you on a weekly basis to develop and maintain your website and marketing plans.


BizSenze answers all incoming calls from postcards and either schedules an appointment or texts you for a follow up call. 

Reminder Calls

Prior to scheduled appointments, BizSenze reminds customers of the scheduled appointment and reschedules if necessary.

Think of the time and money saved avoiding the no show situation. 

Why not call you directly

As your VP of marketing, I take full responsiblity for results.  At first I developed a system where you the owner would contact me with the results from each call.  However, I quickly learned that this was not practical and placed an unnecessary burden on you.  

Remembering to collect important marketing data is the last thing on your mind when conversing with a potential customer.  My staff is better prepared to gather valuable marketing data and then pass the call onto you.  This way you can focus exclusively on the customer and their needs. 

Steven Long

Marketing Consultant

Get started with a Marketing 1 - 2 punch

Setup your website Now!

Imagine your own website.  A place where you can showcase your previous projects and highlight for visitors the quality of your work.  A place where you can tell your story of how and why you do what you do.  A place where you can address Frequently Asked Questions.  And finally, a place where those who are uncertain and not wanting to commit to a phone call can peak around your company profiles and develop a sence of comfortableness with you.

Follow through with the Postcards

Postcards are the easiest and most productive means to reach new clients.  By having a website address on your Postcards you are reaching those who want your service immediately (phone number) and those who want to check you out later by visiting your website.


BizSenze gets them to call; You got to close them.


  • Develop Your website
  • Maintain Your webite
  • Develop postcard campaign
  • Order & mail postcards
  • Answer incoming calls
  • Schedule customer appointments
  • Reminder customer appointments
  • Track incoming calls for marketing info 
  • Produce marketing report for your evaluation.
  • Continue and tweak performance results 


  • Provide 2 - 5 pictures of yourself or team
  • Provide scheduling calendar
  • Follow up with incoming calls for bids
  • Convert bidding opportunities into Sales
  • Respond to bid evaluation
  • Perform job per client agreement
  • Take "before and after" pictures
  • Send BizSenze pictures of completed job
  • Review and evaluate weekly performance
  • Continue and tweak performance results


BizSenze exist to take you to the next level.  As your VP of Marketing my sole focus is to get you more business.  Your focus is to provide your clients with the best possible service so they call back and refer even more business.  

Details of what you Get 

Although, BizSenze can do one-off projects, the greatest strength BizSenze offers you is designing and implementing a consistent marketing plan that is reviewed, analyzed, and tweaked to perfection. 


The World's window to you. A 4 page website that covers the who, what, & why of your business. 

  • 4 Page Website 
  • Domain Name - 1 year
  • Hosting - 3 years 
  • Professional eMails 
  • 24/7 Availability 

Allow the data to speak to you.  Who is your audience.  Where do they live.  What projects are most profitable.

  • Website Maintenence
  • Postcard tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Reminder calls
  • Weekly Reports




Let the results speak for themselves.

How much do you get paid if you do not finish the job?  Why should a marketing consultant be any different.  If you don't see results from the marketing efforts of BizSenze then BizSenze shouldn't be paid.  

Just like you BizSenze earns its keep.


Here are some common questions about BizSenze.

How does it work?

Basically, BizSenze becomes your marketing department.  

1st order of business is your website.  If you do not have one BizSenze will develop one for you.  This will become your base.  All marketing will reference your website so as to catch potential customers who may not respond directly to any advertisements.

2nd is a direct mail postcard campaign.  This is the most effiecient way to reach new customers.  As your mailing list increases over time it also becomes a way to reengage with past clients and offer new services or inform of any specials.

3rd is monitoring. Monitoring not only keeps you informed of what is working and what is not, but it also reveals who your target audience is and what services are most profitable.

BizSenze manages and tracks all of your marketing and provides you with a weekly report.

How much does it cost?

What do I have to do?

You do what you've been doing.  Provide high quality service to your clients.  All the marketing in the world will do you no good if you do not provide quality service.  

You will be provided with forms to complete upon finishing projects.  This will provide the data that will guide you in determing the feasability and pricing of your services. 

You will also need to provide "before and after" photos of the projects you do in order to keep your website up to date and informative. 

See a more detailed list.

Is it Guaranteed?

Yes, if at anytime you are dissatisfied with the results you are getting or not getting, BizSenze will return all monies paid in the last 30 days.  

All third party fees such as postage, printed postcards, website domain name and hosting, are NOT guaranteed.

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