Marketing Consultant

"My only focus is generating YOU more business"

The Problem

Tradespeople do not have time to develop, maintain, and monitor marketing plans. 

Yet, you need more business. 

Just because you are a good:

  • plumber / electrician
  • constructor / handyman
  • painter / landscaper
  • etc..

DOES NOT make you a good Marketer

After a hard day at work the last thing on the mind of a tradesperson is:

  • Monitoring marketing performance
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Website performance
  • Website development

Yet, what is the use of a website or running a marketing plan if you are unable to monitor it. 

The Solution

Allow BizSenze to take care of Marketing.  

BizSenze takes a 3 Prong Approach to Marketing.  




BizSenze will develop, maintain and monitor all of your marketing.  

Accountability, BizSenze generates a weekly report for your review so you can see what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly.  


BizSenze answers all incoming calls and either schedules an appointment or text you for a follow up call. 

Prior to scheduled appointments BizSenze reminds customers of scheduled appointments and rescheduling if necessary. 

Imagine not being distracted during the day with phone calls, knowing that your business is growing and potential customers are being handled in a friendly and professional manner.

BizSenze' goal is to take you to the next level of growth by helping you generate more business.  

3 Prong Approach to Marketing


A website is your base of operations.  

If you do not have a website see "5 Reasons Why You Need a Website"

If you have a website allow me to evaluate it and add pages where needed.  See "4 Web Pages Every Website Needs"

Your website is your window to the world.  It is where visitors can find you, learn about you, and evaluate the work you do.  

Your website allows me to:

  • showcase your projects - "before & after" pics.
  • keep in touch with your client database.
  • track and monitor marketing campaigns.
  • start building an organic website that attracts more customers.


Postcards are the easiest and most productive means to reach new clients.

  • Quick and Easy to get up and running
  • Inexpensive
  • Trackable and Accountable.


Monitoring is a way of keeping score.

If you are not scoring you are not winning. 

What is working and what is not.  

Let the data talk to you.  It will tell you who your target audience is.  What neighborhoods appreciate your services.  And what projects are most profitable.

  1. 1
    How many calls per campaign
  2. 2
    How many calls to get a bid
  3. 3
    How many bids to win a job
  4. 4
    Which zip codes are doing the best
  5. 5
    Which jobs generate better profit margin

How to get started


Yes lets get started NOW

I'm curious please contact me and let's see what you can do for me


Not so fast 

Just place me on your subscriber list and notify me of any thing new